Working with Multiple Frame Displays

Multiple Frame Displays are useful for comparing two frames side by side. They are also useful for comparing all frames against a filtered subset or two filtered subsets against each other.

  • To create a second Frame Display, click the Duplicate View icon on the Frame Display toolbar.

    This creates another Frame Display window.  You can have as many Frame Displays open as you wish. Each Frame Display is given a number in the title bar to distinguish it from the others.

  • To navigate between multiple Frame Displays, click on the Frame Display icon in the Control window toolbar.

    A drop-down list appears, listing all the currently open Frame Displays.

  • Select the one you want from the list and it comes to the front.

    Note: When you create a filter in one Frame Display, that filter does not automatically appear in the other Frame Display. You must use the Hide/Reveal feature to display a filter created in one Frame Display in another.

Note: When you have multiple Frame Display windows open and you are capturing data, you may receive an error message declaring that "Filtering cannot be done while receiving data this fast." If this occurs, you may have to stop filtering until the data is captured.